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Lyder Terahsli
Lyder Terahsli

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PostSubject: ENABLE HTML!   ENABLE HTML! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 8:53 pm

The first part is for Admin only. The rest is for you guys.

Quote :
Enabling HTML

In order to have HTML applications (such as flash games, images, and other sources) in users' posts, you'll have to activate HTML in both the Administration Panel and the user's profile :

Enabling HTML via Administration Panel

Administration Panel >

General tab >

Forum -- Messages and Emails >

While in the Messages section on this page, scroll down a wee bit to where the statement Allow HTML : is keyed, and select Yes next to it.
Be sure that you Save the settings afterwards.

Enabling HTML via Profile

Profile tab (found on Navigation Bar); or My Profile (found on the Log-In widget) >

Preferences tab >

From that page, scroll down a bit to where Always allow HTML : is keyed on the page, and select Yes next to it.
Be sure that you Save the settings afterwards.

Also, there is a high recommendation for you to have an Announcement in your forum discussing how users can enable HTML.
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